Salon Treatments

Please Note:
We are currently working our pricing structure. The current, listed prices should be used as a guide only.

Manicure and Pedicure

Geleration Gel Overlays by Jessica

Leave the salon with perfectly dry nails that are long lasting. Ideal for busy women and holiday makers!

Two week manicure Includes shaping and cuticle work.
1 hour – £45 (with Rachael £45)

Four week pedicure Includes shaping, cuticle work and rough skin.
1 hour – £45 (with Rachael £50)

Safe removal of gels Free when having them re-applied.
20 mins – £15
Soak off when not originally done at Alresford Beauty £25) 

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment

Revoluntionary two-part system that allows natural nails to grow readily on their own. Also used to improve nail plate integrity under any gel polish coating.

With manicure or charged gel removal
15 minutes £15

Stand alone – file shape dry cuticle work
30 minutes £35

Jessica Manicures & Pedicures

We will tailor your manicure and pedicure to suit you.

Just a quick smarten up?
175 minute manicure – £17.50 (with Rachael £18) 
Pedicure – £18 (with Rachael £20)

Perhaps without the varnish?
30 minute manicure – £27.50 (with Rachael £27.50)
Pedicure – £30 (with Rachael £35)

A good tidy up with varnish?
45 minute manicure – £35.00 (with Rachael £35)
Pedicure – £35 (with Rachael £40)

The deluxe – French polish?
60 minute manicure – £40.00 (with Rachael £40)
Pedicure – £40 (with Rachael £45)

Heated mitts and booties – Added to treatment to aid absorption of cream and help circulation.
15 mins – £10 (for hands or feet)
£15 (for both)

Acrylic Nails

Alresford Beauty now offers acrylic nails. They are hard wearing and give the option of having longer nails in a variety of shapes.
Its very important to maintain your acrylics by getting them infilled every 2-3 weeks. This removes any lifting that may occur and infills where the nail has grown. You can then choose a gel or polish of your colour choice or simply leave them natural.

Full set with gel or polish
1hr 30mins – £49

Full set natural
1hr 15 mins £45

Infill with gel or polish
1hr 15mins – £35

Infill natural
1hr – £32

Acrylic soak off
30mins – £20

Acrylic soak off with new set or gels
30 mins – £10 (Free when original set done at Alresford Beauty)

To remove acrylics it is important you book an appointment to get them taken off safely and professionally.

Call us to book your appointment