Dr. Bridget Brett - Aesthetic Doctor

Dr. Brett has practiced as a cosmetic dentist since 2005 and has added facial aesthetics to her practice 5 years ago. She has trained extensively in anti-wrinkle treatment and fillers and has treated her own patients in surgery and worked in Harley Street, London.

She specialises in anti-wrinkle injections which soften worry lines, wrinkles, tired eyes, and crow’s feet . Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to address issues with sweating and or soften wrinkle lines in the neck area.

Her passion is using fillers. After an in-depth consultation, can treat nose to mouth lines, restore volume in the cheeks and add body to the lips.

She likes to make clients feel like the best version of themselves and would be very happy to have a free no obligations consultation with clients to better understand what their aesthetic concerns are and discuss how best to address them.

Price List


Consultations can be carried out in person or via digital platforms. It takes 20 minutes and involves an in-depth discussion about your aesthetic concerns and how best they can be treated. Consultations are free and there is no obligation to proceed with treatment. Dr. Brett only uses Allergan products as they are the most tried and tested products on the market and achieve the best and most natural finishes.

Anti-wrinkle injections – BOTOX

If you are in doubt as to what treatment would suit you, please book in for a consultation. 1 AREA OF TREATMENT £175 2 AREAS OF TREATMENT £275 3/4 AREAS OF TREATMENT £350 1 ML of filler is £350 .The amount required is discussed during the consultation- with a less is more approach encouraged!! 3 AREAS OF ANTI WRINKLE INJECTIONS AND 1 ML OF FILLERS £650.

Customer reviews

“I have been attending Dr. Brett for 3 years for anti-wrinkle Introduction.docxtreatment and have always loved the results and the kind and caring approach she has”- EC

I have had both Botox and fillers with Dr. Brett. I am delighted with the results. She listened to my concerns and didn’t rush me into treatment. I love my tweakments as she calls them!!- DS

I was very nervous about my consultation and Dr.Brett immediately put me at ease. I felt our consultation was very thorough. She explained the many different options available to address my concerns. I was so happy that I had some anti-wrinkle injections after our consultation and will have already made an appointment for some fillers for my birthday!- NV